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Boy Scout Troop 44



August 2002
Vol. 7 Issue 8


- Michael Rice -

Troop 44 stayed in Boone again. This year the younger boys did tribe and the others did merit badge classes. The older boys decided to play a trick on the camp commissioner. They trashed their side of the camp and pretended to have had a party and get drunk. It fooled him until about Thursday. Greg Walsh did a great job putting together the skit. On Thursday we had a watermelon relay which covered almost the entire camp. We came in third place. There was a red ruby (red bowling ball) hidden in camp. The staff gave us clues were to find it. To our luck, we found it first. Our thanks go out to Mr. Struble, Mr. McKnight, and Mr. Ray for coming to stay with us. Aaron Hepner was the SPL for the week.



- Duncan McKnight & Michael Rice -

We stopped at Wendy's for lunch as we traveled to Camp. When we got to Camp Daniel Boone we signed in but were late getting done due to 40 other troops arriving about the same time, so we were off schedule for the rest of the day. Finally, we took the swimming test, it was warmer than it was two years ago. Then we late for everything else ,even had to eat dinner in our bathing suits. We stayed in the campsite Sioux, which was right on the stream. On Wednesday 6 scouts and 2 leaders went on a 10 mile hike to Shining Rock and back. Tuesday the Energency Prep scouts hosted a fire drill.

On Thursday they had a Survivor Quest, but we didn't participate. T.J.McKelvey was our SPL, Rossi Wooten was the ASPL and Timmy Plitnik was the Quartermaster. Michael Rice and Ryan Walsh were the patrol leaders. A Special "Thank You" goes to Mr. Rice, Mr. Whitley, Mr. Jones, Mr.Gunter, Mr. Buerkle, and Mr. McKnight for driving, and to Mr. Brownell for helping during the week. Troop 44 earned a total of 77 merit badges and we had 37 partials Merit Badges. Also, 2 scouts earned their Second Class Rank and 1 earned First Class.



Two Troop 44 Scouts, Ron Hanna and Marcus Remington spent ten days hiking the backcountry of Philmont, the BSA's High Adventure Camp in New Mexico. sure to ask them about their adventures, trials and triumphs!


AUGUST MEETINGS: The 19th and 26st ONLY!!!

Troop meetings will start back on August 19, to give everyone time to get settled into school. Preparation for the Planning Session will take place on the 19th and the Planning session will be presented to the Troop Committee on the 26th. The Camping program will start back up in September.



The annual Troop Planning Session is scheduled for August 23-24 at St. James Episcopal Church. All Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, the SPL, the ASPL, the Troop Scribe and the Troop Quartermaster should be in attendance. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters and other interested adults should also plan on attending. This is a very important meeting, in that the Troop Calendar of meetings, activities, and service projects is planned for the coming year. Meet at the Church at 6:00 PM on Friday for Pizza before the planning session. The planning session wraps up by noon on Saturday. Be sure to bring your ideas for places to camp and other troop activities. This is your time to plan what the Troop will be doing for the next year. All meals are provided by the Troop.



The Troop Committee will meeting briefly on Monday night, August 26, to review and approve the 2002-2003 Annual Plan for Troop 44. Please plan on attending this meeting, which will be help concurrent with the Troop meeting.



Mr. Rice has developed and posted a new Troop 44 website. It can be found at Mr. Rice has already posted a lot of Pictures and Troop information on this site and is still adding to it. Please take a few minutes to learn what is there, so you can go get the information when ever you need it. Also, be sure to check it often for the latest Troop news. Please tell Mr. Rice "Thanks!" when you see him next, as the web page will be a big help in sharing troop information.


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