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Boy Scout Troop 44

Eagle Scout Service Project


If you have earned the Life Scout rank, you are ready to begin your Eagle Scout service project. This workbook will assist you in planning and recording the progress of your project and in completing and submitting a final report.

Table of Contents

  1. The Requirement
  2. Originality
  3. Limitations
  4. Size
  5. Examples
  6. Approvals
  7. Filling Out the Form


The Requirement

"While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to your religious institution, school, or community. This project idea must be approved by your unit leader (Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach, Explorer Advisor), unit committee, and by the council or district advancement committee before you start. You must use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 18-927 in meeting this requirement."


Does the project for Eagle have to be original, perhaps something you dream up that has never been done before? The answer is "No, but it certainly could be." You may pick an Eagle project that has been done before, but you must accept responsibility for planning, direction, and following through to its successful completion.


Routine labor (a job or service normally rendered) should not be considered. Work involving council property or other BSA activities is not permitted. The project also may not be performed for a business, be of a commercial nature, or be a fundraiser. (Fundraising is permitted only for securing materials or supplies needed to carry out your project.)


How big a project is required? There are not specific requirements, as long as the project is helpful to a religious institution, school, or community. The amount of time spent by you in planning your project and the actual working time spent in carrying out the project should be as much as necessary for you to demonstrate your leadership of others.


A look at some projects other Scouts have done for their Eagle Award illustrates that your project may be to construct something or may be to render a service.


Before You Start

Your project idea must be approved by your unit leader, unit committee, and council or district advancement committee before the project is started. The following questions must be answered before giving this approval: 0 Who will benefit?

After Completion

Although your project was approved by your unit leader, unit committee, and council or district advancement committee before it was begun, the Eagle Scout board of review must approve the manner in which it was carried out. Questions that must be answered follow:

Filling Out the Form

As you plan and carry out your Eagle Scout service project, use these pages to record your plans and progress. Remember that others will be reading these pages. You should print, type, or write legibly. You may remove the staples and add pages if you wish.


The National Eagle Scout Association was created in 1972 with the express purpose of bringing together Eagle Scouts of all ages so that they may be of greater service to themselves, their local councils, and their communities, thereby conserving and developing the manpower potential represented by those who hold Scouting's highest rank.

When you receive your Eagle badge, you will be eligible for membership in this elite association. You should give it serious consideration. Applications are available from your council service center.



Describe the project you plan to do.

What group will it benefit?

Name of religious institution, school, or community
Address (location)

My project will be of benefit to the group because:

The concept was discussed with my unit leader on


The project concept was discussed with

Phone number


Religious institution, school, or community  Date


Plan your work by describing the present condition, the method, materials to be used, project helpers, and a time schedule for carrying out. Describe any safety hazards you might face and explain how you will ensure the safety of those carrying out the project.

Approval Signatures

Project plans approved by    
  Religious institution, school, or community  Date
Project plans approved by    
  Scoutmaster/Coach/Advisor  Date
Project plans approved by    
  Unit committee  Date
Project plans approved by    
  Council or district advancement committee  Date


Keep a record and make notes as your project progresses. Include dates worked, those assisting you and their time spent, and the materials (type and cost), if used.

Dates of actual project work 
Dates Dates


Assisted by

I was assisted by the following Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Explorers, and/or other individuals:

Name Date Worked Hours Worked


The original project plans were followed except the following changes (include reasons for change):

Materials (if used)

Type Cost

Time Spent

The amount of time spent should be as adequate as necessary for you to demonstrate your leadership of others (two or more) in planning and carrying out your project.

Total time I spent planning the project


Total time I spent carrying out the project


Total time spent by others assisting on the project


Date project was completed


The project was started and completed since I received the Life Scout rank and is respectfully submitted for consideration.

Applicant's Signature 

This project was planned, developed, and carried out by the candidate.



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