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Boy Scout Troop 44



August, 2004
Vol. 9 Issue 8


Summer Camp for 2004 year was held in the Georgia Mountains at Camp Sidney Dew.  Troop 44 had close to thirty scouts go and work the knots out of their flat-land legs! A true cardiovasicular kind of camp! A ll together Troop 44 had completed 60 or more merit badges! The Troop did well in the "End of the Week Awards".  The Scouts earned Second Place for overall Troop Particpation and got two new ribbons for our Troop flag. The weather was great with cool nights for great sleeping. The Camp was well organized as were the sessions for merit badges. Paul Hargrave placed first in the caber throw during the Highland Games and the Troop tug-of-war team placed second by some stroke of bad luck. All in all, Ttroop 44 had a great time at Camp Sidney Dew.

Troop 44 2004-2005 Planning Session: August 7

The Troop 44 planning session this year is planned for Saturday , August 7th. The planning session will consist of a one day session planning the next years camping events, programs, and service activities. Now is the time to start to bring ideas to your  Senior troop leadership and Patrol leaders. Each Patrol will given the opportunity to present 2 Camping ideas, the adults 1 and we will participate in at least 1 Council Camporee. We need to remember to try to come up new and innovative ideas more close to home. Please email Mr. Rice to confirm your attendance


The August Campout will be an overnight canoe trip, camping on the rivers edge on the McAlhaney Nature Reserve. Cost for the campout will be approximately $20. Participants must be BSA swimmer qualified- including adults. Scouts should bring their own PFD, with their names clearly marked on the item. Water shoes are also necessary as there can be broken glass and fish hooks in the river. The August 2nd meeting will be the first opportunity to sign up for the campout. Adult support is needed for transportation and helping to organize a service project. Please contact Ray Maher if you can help.


Troop 44 will be holding it's final OA election for the year 2004 during the third meeting in August so that if anyone is elected they may be able to make the Fall Ordeal on September 10,11 and 12. Those who qualify will be send notification letters. Qualifications include First Class and at least 20 nights of camping with some qualifications. Check with Michael Rice the OA representative for further details.

A Brief Scouting History Lesson: 1919

A systematic method of developing cooperation with churches of all faiths was adopted. Boy Scouts were invited to aid the Department of Labor in its Americanization program. Following the death of Chief Scout Citizen Theodore Roosevelt on January 6, Scouts began the practice of planting Roosevelt memorial trees and making pilgrimages to his grave at Oyster Bay. The first gold Honor Medals were awarded by the National Court of Honor for saving life at risk of the rescuer's own, replacing the silver and bronze awards. Membership, December 31, was 462,060. Total members to date, 1,325,878.

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