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Boy Scout Troop 44



November, 2003
Vol. 8 Issue 11


On a typical Troop 44 rainy Saturday morning, 22 scouts and 5 adults set off to make their fortune in gold. The Troop arrived at Thermal City Gold mine to a bright sunny afternoon. After setting up camp, the scouts headed down to the river and decided to build the Grand Coole dam (well maybe a little smaller) and play in the river. After a nice quite evenings rest (except for the trains that went by every 20 minutes), the Troop held an opening ceremony followed by a worship service. Then the Scouts headed to the Gem troughs for an excellent talk by our host and a good time screening buckets of dirt, looking for that gigantic precious stone. After lunch, it was time to head down to two piles of rich dirt to pan for a fortune in GOLD!!! Thanks to two gentlemen at the campsite, the Scouts were able to make quick work of cleaning the dirt and getting the gold. Many a boy came home with a vial of gold. Monday morning saw the Troop preparing breakfast, packing up and coming back to Charleston.


Popcorn orders will be received on November 1 and ready for distribution on Monday, November 3rd.


The program Theme for November will be Shotgun and Rifle shooting. The Osprey Patrol is the program patrol for the month. The Dragon Patrol is the service patrol of the month.This is in preparation for the Shooting camp out at Mr. Snow’s in December. Qualifying rounds may net a special patch.

Alternate Campout to be announced.

Only 9 Scouts registered for the Medieval Times Campout. Without 20 Scouts registered, the special discount did not apply, so the event has been cancelled. The Scoutmaster is working to develop an alternative campout, most likely at Santee State Park with Orienteering and Fishing as Activities. Cost will be $20 for food,camping fee and travel. More details as soon as possible by email and at the November 3rd. Meeting.

All Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, along with the Troop Junior Leaders will hold a Patrol Leaders Council on the Monday following the campout. The Troop committee will convene at 7: 30 PM, the same evening. All Committee members are reminded to attend.

NOV. 15th: Eagle Ceremony: Harbor View Presbyterian Church
Troop 44 will recognise Ed Struble on Saturday November 15th with an Eagle Ceremony at the Harborview Presbyterian Church at 900 Harbor View Road. All Scouts of Troop 44 are invited to attend. All Scouts should be in full uniform at this ceremony. The Eagle Ceremony will begin promptly at 3:00 PM. A reception at the church will follow the ceremony.

NOV. 23rd: Double Eagle Ceremony: James Island Presbyterian Church
Troop 44 will recognise Mitchell and Mason Kern on Sunday November 23rd with a double Eagle Ceremony at the James Island Presbyterian Church at 1632 Fort Johnson Road. All Scouts of Troop 44 are invited to attend. All Scouts should be in full uniform at this ceremony. The Eagle Ceremony will begin promptly at 3:00 PM. A reception at the Kern's home (743 Waterloo St.) will follow the ceremony.

NOVEMBER 17th Board of Reviews
Please remember that Board of Reviews will be held during the Troop meeting on November 17th. Please let Mr. Rice know if you need to schedule a BOR.

SUMMER CAMP: 2004!!!!!

Troop 44 will be attending Summer Camp At Raven Knob Scout Camp (North Carolina) in 2004. The Cost will be $190, which includes travel cost. While the exact date has not been established, the Troop needs a tentative number of Scouts that expect to go. Please let Mr. Struble know if you plan to go to Summer Camp in 2004. More details will follow.


Scouts that have registered for JAMBO 2005 will be notified of an informational meeting to be held on November 9th at 3PM. If you want to go to JAMBO 2005, there are a few slots still open. Contact Mr. Struble of Mr. Rice for details.


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